Monday, August 11, 2008

Part 4

Thursday, July 24.

On the way to the train stop, I picked up a copy of the
Metro and enjoyed its to the point and concise coverage of local and
national events. Because we made a later start to the day,
there were less
passengers on the train into Manhattan. I took advantage of this
opportunity to take a video of one of my favorite stretches of the #7
line. The stretch that I taped started at the Court Square station and
ended at the Hunter's Point station.

At Times Square, we got out of the train and climbed the
stairs out of the subway. When we arrived at the surface,
we filed onto the Uptown Tour Bus.

From New York City

traveling over to the Hudson River, we doubled back to Central
Park on 72nd street. At the intersection of 72nd street and Central
Park west, the tour guide pointed out the Dakota Apartment building
and the site of John Lennon's assassination. We turned left, and
traveled up Central Park west with the infamous and beautiful Central
Park to our right. The landscape of the park gave a taste of what the
Island of Manhattan looked like before modern civilization. The
natural landscape was accented by large mounds of extruding dark rock
called Manhattan schist. This heavy dense stone underlays the length
of Manhattan and provides a solid base for all of the tall heavy

Then the bus turned left, and we slowly rode
past The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

From New York City

It was an amazing building which, after over 110 years of
construction; has yet to be finished. It is a very tall stone
structure and is the 4th largest Christian church in the world.

Just beyond the cathedral is President Grant's tomb. Then we found
ourselves in Harlem. Our guide pointed out the location of Bill
Clinton's office.

Continued in Part 5

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