Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today, I visited a Jewish Synagogue.

I visited this place on a hint from mom, who noticed a small sign
in front of a Church by our house.

The service started at 11A.
I rode my bike over, parked it, and was greeted by the main speaker.

I sat down and listened to some music with Hebrew lyrics.

There was a couple who sat behind me who were also new.

The service started when the leader sounded a large and loud ram's horn.

The leader asked the crowd if there was any news they had to share.
An older man in the back spoke up.
This guy almost looked like a homeless Jew. He was a little bit un
kept and purposely sat back from the rest of the crowd. He also had a
large bag typical of homeless people.
He told everyone about the movements of Hezbollah and how they were
re-arming for a war against Israel later in the year.
Everyone was really serious after hearing of this news

We then sang a few songs from a songbook in Hebrew.
The music had a lot of repetitious Hebrew lyrics along with a few
stanzas in English.

The speaker gave a talk about Moses and the cleansing of the
Israelites before, during and after sacrifice.

Then, he noted how " Our Lord washed the feet of His Disciples".

The couple behind me immediately started talking to each other in
hushed tones.

At that point, I realized this was a Messianic Jewish Synagogue service.

He then told about Jesus' sacrifice of himself for our impurities.

I realize the couple behind me were probably Traditional Jews. (
Traditional Jews do not believe in the Deity of Jesus).

I was wondering what they were thinking.
Then, the speaker called for all the children to come up to the front.
Four members of the congregation came up with a large sheet and held
the sheet over the heads of the children.
The speaker gave a blessing for the children and with that, the
Sabbath day service was over.

Afterwards, the Speaker came up to me and asked if I wanted to join
them for a little after service pot-luck dinner.
I told him that I had to work.
I immediately realized that that was probably not the best thing to say.
Working on the Sabbath is a BIG NO NO.

But he seemed cool with it.

Right before I reached for the door, the older Homeless looking guy
gave me a departing greeting in Hebrew.

I wasn't shure what he said, so I just said "Thanks, same to you."

I think I might visit again sometime,

Sunday, March 18, 2007

One cold winter day in 2007,

Bat came to the park, and I shot this photo of him.