Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Part 2

Times Square provided a lot to see. I felt like leaning
up against a wall and letting it all soak in; but we had plans. Our
plan was to take tour buses around the city for a couple of days. We began with the night tour with our tour guide Olive, who was from someplace around India. She knew a lot about the city. After riding the buses, we hoped to get a better feeling on where
everything was and the locations of the places we planned on visiting.

I noticed that many of the people in Times Square looked like
tourists. It was our goal not to look like these people. We would
receive confirmation of our goal when people asked us for directions
or advice.

The tour buses were modified so that a door in the side of the bus
led to a stairwell onto the roof of the bus. The top level of the bus
was lined with seats which provided an excellent view of the
surrounding spectacles. The evening bus route took us across the Manhattan
Bridge and into Brooklyn. The bus stopped at the base of the Brooklyn
Bridge at one of 3 man-made waterfalls. These waterfalls were a
temporary project commissioned by the New York Public Arts Commission.

From New York City

After a relaxing rest under the bridge, we loaded back onto the bus
which led us back to Times Square. On the way back, we took roads with
low hanging tree branches. When a branch came close to the bus,
everyone had to duck to avoid being hit by these branches. One time,
Dad ducked suddenly and hit his eyebrow on the seat in front of him
causing a small gash on his forehead.

From New York City

Once we got off from the bus, we decided to call it a day. On our
way back to the hotel, we got off along the way at Grand Central
Station. We took a few minutes to walk around the main room of the
station. It was very spacious and tastefully decorative.

Continued in Part 3

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