Sunday, December 19, 2010

City Guide Part 13

Sunday: a day meant for relaxation, recuperation and rest. Participation in this typical Sunday routine was high on our list as we strolled out of the hotel in Queens. Instead of rushing to the elevated tracks to catch the next train, we ambled along the sidewalk toward the station taking in the warm mid morning sun. We rode the train towards Manhattan then transferred to an underground train headed south and into Brooklyn. We emerged in Downtown Brooklyn to find the warm sun was replaced with ominous rain clouds. Our destination was a few blocks away: The Brooklyn Tabernacle. The Tabernacle holds several services throughout the day and we were told the line to enter the next service would not be allowed to start for several minutes. To fill up time, we decided to walk around the block. Downtown Brooklyn on a late Sunday morning had little to offer. The traffic was very light and few people were out on the street. All the shops were closed except one: a dollar store. We stepped inside and started looking around. The merchandise in the store was phenomenal. It was as if the value of the dollar had risen several hundred percent overnight! There were classic button up dress shirts, one pound bags of premium chocolates and authentic Rastafarian hats. I enjoyed walking the aisles and finding valuable merchandise on every shelf. Some say living in New York is expensive; but finding quality household items in New York is not. We left the store and walked back to the Tabernacle where we joined the line of people waiting for the next service. The outside of the church is drab, grey and blends in well with the warehouses that line the street. However, as the line we had joined entered the building, the grey exterior gave way to a brilliant white, red, and marble interior. We found our seats and the service began. The world famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir began to sing and their music enveloped the enormous sanctuary. The sound filled my ears without the sensation of being too loud. After announcements and the offering, the pastor introduced a professional football player who ran an after school program for "at risk" youth. After his presentation, the pastor led the congregation in prayer for the continued success of the charity. The pastor then started with his sermon. I believe the sermon was about Jesus's love and how we should reflect that love to others around us. During the sermon, the pastor asked everyone to stand, look into the eyes of the person sitting next to you, give them a big hug and say " Jesus Loves You." The young lady sitting next to me looked into my eyes with much sincerity and gave me a hearty hug. I will never forget her.

Continued in Part 14

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