Friday, October 09, 2009

City Guide New Delhi Part 4

I kept my eyes on Jay as we snaked through the crowds of taxi drivers
offering their services. We jumped onto a mini bus that Jay's friend
Rod had arranged for us and were off on the
wild streets of the city.
From New Delhi

New Delhi is fairly flat, so I was not able
to see very far in any
direction. The main road we traveled was nicely landscaped
with small trees and shrubs. Many trucks shared the road with us.
From New Delhi

later found out that most heavy trucks are only allowed in the city
during the late night and early morning hours. All of these trucks are
brightly painted and on the back, the words "HORN PLEASE" are printed in large
lettering. There were also many rickshaws.
From New Delhi

These were painted green
and had the letters CNG printed on the back. CNG stands for
Compressed Natural Gas which all rickshaws are required to use. I
noticed a few luxury sedans and sport utility vehicles. Most would fit
right in on the streets of any affluent American city. Among all these vehicles,
bicycles and motorcycles were always in the mix.
From New Delhi

We arrived at Rod's house, found our rooms, and promptly went to

The next day we met with the directors of a children's
home that we planned to visit. Their names are Wickerum and Vipin.

From New Delhi

These twenty-three year old men are the guardians of over 70 children.

Early in the afternoon, Mary, one of Jay's friends, took us to a
department store called Fabindia.

From New Delhi

The Fabindia location we patronized
was on the 2nd floor of a mall called Centric Plaza. We were met at
the door by a doorman who let us into a well lit air-conditioned
store. All of the store attendants were very helpful and spoke very
good English. I was impressed by the contrast of the conditions on the
streets below to the luxury of this boutique.
After purchasing a few articles that we would need for our stay in Delhi,
we walked out to our waiting taxi for a quick stop at Rod's
house before venturing out again to the center of the city.

Continued in Part 5

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