Monday, November 14, 2005

I snapped my deck the other day. I didn't snap it accidentally, I snapped it on purpose.
It was a little old and besides, I had dozens of replacements. Later on that day, I realized I probably should not have done it.
There are plenty of kids; some of whom watched my snap my deck, who are in great need of a replacement deck. Many kids' decks are in worse condition than mine was.

I was one of those kids once.

When I was younger and did not have a steady supply of decks, I used to go to local shops and ask if I could buy an older used deck.
The shop employees/owners would brush my away with a simple: Um.. NO.
Last Saturday, at the local park, one of the above mentioned kids was dropped off at the park by his father.
He came straight up to me and said " I just went to Prestige! Greg gave me this "new" deck"

It was a used deck, but he did not care!
It looked like one of Andrew Dunn's old decks.
A warm feeling came over me.
Wow, Paul and Greg @ Prestige really know how to keep skating ALIVE.


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